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Straight out of stealth and launching today! Lyn Health is out to provide specific, personalized care for patients with three or more chronic conditions in a way that’s meant to compete with healthcare navigator-advocators like Accolade, Transcarent, and Included Health INSTEAD of the crowd of digital health chronic condition management platforms like Teladoc’s Livongo, Vida Health, One Drop, Omada Health, etc. etc.

With employers and health plans getting increasingly burnt-out on point solutions for chronic care – leading many of those businesses to “platform out” themselves in recent years – will a niche-market navigator really stand-out? Is effective care for polychronic patient populations so specialized that it merits adding a specific, targeted service on top of the more general navigator, primary care provider, or chronic care platform solution that an employer or plan might already have in place?

Lyn Health’s CEO Rick Abbott stops by to introduce us to this seed-funded startup, which has raised $10M (backed by Summer VC) and has already attracted some yet-to-be-named health plan and Fortune 500 employer clients. Rick explains that market need that Lyn Health is aiming to satisfy, and how he’s leveraged what he’s learned about the cost of polychronic care from his past life at Premera Blue Cross into an approach that he believes will work to help employers both reduce spend and improve the day-to-day patient experience of managing multiple chronic conditions. Lyn Health is set-up to deliver care with its own physicians and social workers, connecting with patients in a digital-plus-bricks-and-mortar format. And, as for that business model, we get into the big question: at-risk or not?

Excited to meet this startup on the day of its official launch!

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